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Haul for the month of May: Online stores

Haul for the month of May: Online stores

I seldom buy online products if i can just find them in some malls or bazaars. Mainly because i hate waiting, and the shipping fee in some store is a bit expensive. Although its fine for me to wait for my product at the maximum of 1week. But other than that, I'll die waiting because of excitement to have the products already. :s
Most Products I buy online are cosmetics which is not available here in the Philippines or malls.

These were the products i bought for this month of May with their respective sellers:

 Beauty Cosmetic's 12 pc Synthetic Brush (will have a review on this soon)
 Top is the pink pouch
Pictures of the brushes

Comes with a free small flat top brush
when you buy Online.
I should have bought this in their stall in Market-Market but sadly, its not yet available (only online)

Beauty Cosmetic's 12 pc synthetic Brush set
Worth: 1250 php
Shipping Fee to Metro Manila: 110 php via JRS
Waiting time: 1day after payment was made
Comes with a free small top brush
Contains: Big Powder Brush, Flat top Brush, Angled blush brush, Foundation Brush, Blending Brush, Medium e/s brush, Large e/s brush, Lip brush, small angled brush, Pencil brush, concealer brush, small e/s brush
Product rating: 10/5
**haha i really really love this set. so soft, doesn't bleed nor shed, easy to apply and picks product well. Recommends this to all. Very very worth the price.**
Facebook page

BB Cream is becoming popular now, mainly because of their benefits and promising results. BB creams can be a good alternative for liquid foundations and comes with benefits for the skin although the coverage may not be leveled as liquid foundation (light to medium coverage).
Ok so I'm in the quest of finding the right BB cream for my skin. I have read a lot of BB creams all over blogs and all of them has downside about BB cream. Some products works for them but some has not. The owner of the cheekyposh really helped me alot to find the right BB creams for me. She sells a lot of samples for girls who want to try the product first because a bottle of BB cream is a bit pricey and will just go waste if it doesn't really go well. Each sample can be used 3-6x applications
The product samples I bought:
Liole Beyond the Solution BB Cream
Skin 79 Super+ BB triple functions (pink)
Skin 79 Super+ BB triple functions (gold)
Missha Real Complete BB cream
Face it Powder perfection BB cream
Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream
Etude House Collagen Moistful BB Cream
Tony Moly Expert Tripple BB cream
Baviphat BB primer Fix

~a lot right? :D well, i haven't tried them all but here are some of my thoughts on the products (i'll update this if I already tried the other products.

Liole Beyond the Solution BB Cream - Great coverage, doesn't oxidize, doesn't break out on me, skin feels smooth, skin feels glowy, stayed for couple of hrs(3-4), but the color is too light for me
Skin 79 Super+ BB triple functions (pink) - the one i wanna have. Best for oily skin, great coverage, doesn't oxidize, medium coverage, stayed longer than liole, color fits me

Missha Real Complete BB cream - same as skin79 pink, but i love the coverage more.

Worth: 30-40php each sample
Shipping Fee to Metro Manila: 50php via Xend
Waiting time: 1day after payment was made (if its onhand)
Sellers Facebook page:

Krave's Product: via Jailex Couture
Anti Zit SPLASH with Mealeuca oil & Salix Nigra
Worth: 285 php
Panacea Olio Nutriente
worth: 475 php
*will do separate reviews on these, can't comment yet because i haven't used them long enough**

Via Meet ups: handling Fee : 30php
Waiting time: instantly! she replied immediately and since were here in Makati, and its really easy to go to their place. She'll be my suki for Krave.
Krave Facebook page:
Sellers Facebook page:

and the last was Suzanne's Emporium
She recently have a Mine sale on this Tony Moly Cherry Tint (its cheap so i grabbed the opportunity and added some Korean products)
Her store sells SG and US authentic make ups.
She sells lower prices compared to other stores and the exciting part is that she always have Mine sale and auction which we can buy items at a lower price. And she always give freebies.
Missha Real Complete BB cream - 28 php
Tony Moly Cherry Tint - 50 php
Excel Paris Lip Cream (510) - 50php
I received 1 free Missha Real Complete BB cream ~thank you for this!

Shipping Fee to Metro Manila: 50php via Xend
Waiting time: 1day after payment was made 

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