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Review: Ellana Make it Last Primer

Ellana Make it Last Primer

So another review of a primer i bought a couple of months ago. This was the first primer i have so i can't compare this to other primers. 

So for the product description:

Make it last Makeup Primer
No mineral oil
with Allantoin, Vitamin E and Natural Sun protection

Our New Blend of makeup primer to make your make-up lasts longer, instantly smoothens your skin for easier application.
Oil-free, mattifies completely, smoothen fine lines, and enhancing your complexion. 
Allantoin & Vitamin E are added for cell regeneration and moisturizers
Fragrance Free
Paraben-free, Mineral oil Free

How to use:
Use after your Moisturizer and before applying Makeup

Comes in: 20ml (280php) or 30ml  (400php)

For the review:
-love it~ comes with a small pump and you can control the product that comes out. 
-has a clear bottle which allows you to see the remaining product inside

-no weird smell
-oily when applied but it really mattifies my face completely after 1min

-makes your face really smooth
-easier application of foundation and easier blending
-minimizes/reduces my pores/fine lines
-makes my make-up stay a little longer but really not that long :( (probably 3-5hrs)
-prevents my makeup from oxidizing (oxidizing means foundation will look orange/darker in your skin after a while)
-prevents breakouts

so over all it is a good primer. For only 280 pesos, the 20ml bottle would lasts me 6months or more~ so cheap and i love it. but i will still try other brand and will test primarily on how long could they make our make-up to last longer which is the main purpose for primers~

For purchasing:
you can also visit their branches at:
- Sm Makati (weekends only @groundfloor near Supermarket)

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Dainty Baby ayon kay ...

Wow ellana has a face primer pala. I want to try this out thanks for sharing sis. :)visit my blog too!

Dainty MD

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