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REVIEW: Charm 8pc Travel Brush Set

CHARM HOLIDAY 8-PC Travel Brush Set

When i started to learn about make-ups, i was dying to find a right brush set for me to try and practice every tutorials i watched on YOUTUBE.

Then i found this brush from Pure Beauty Serendra, which costs 1,050. Yes, definitely worth the price.This is my first Brush set that i bought because they recommend this for beginners and definitely for travelers because of the size.

Brushes from Charm, always promises a soft and one of the best quality brushes that will last almost forever.
Also they are made of cruelty-free vegan hair.

As for the description on the box:
"Everyday sure is a holiday, with Charm Holiday Brush Set! This traveel sized brush set of eight promises you soft, but firm bristles that do their job to create day and night looks! Get whimsical, and celebrate beauty with the Charm Holiday Brush Set. It can be your first brush set, your make-up kit or your traveel companion."

Some pictures and details:

the Brush comes with small black pouch, which for me is easily soiled especially when you accidentally put you hands on it with a liquid foundation. The dirt doesn't comes off easily.
also the pouch has a compartment for your powders, blush-ons, and stuff (you have to put small container powders or blushes because the pouch is just too small and won't fit at all.


the Set contains:
Powder Brush - for foundation and finishing powder application
Blush Brush
: for shading ( contouring ) and blush application
Crease Blending Brush
: for eyeshadow application and eyeshadow blending
Lip Brush
: for applying lipstick and lipgloss
Concealer Brush
: for precise concealer application ( this can also be used as an eyeshadow applicator )
Angled Brow Liner Brush
: for shading the eyebrows and can also be used for eyelining
Eyeshadow Brush
: for eyeshadow application ( which can also be used for concealer application )
Pointed Liner Brush
: for precise eyeliner application

The brushes are so small, only about 3.5 inches(lip brush,liner brush, angeled brow brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush) and 4.5 inches(powder and blush brush). The best brush in this set for me is their powder brush. i used this to apply all kinds of powers (foundation, minerals, blushes, finishing powders). It picked up good amount of product  can be applied on easily.

second, would be the blush brush which i always have with me whenever i go out. good for applying powder and liquid products and also i sometimes use it to blend powders.

Can't say much about the other brushes, nothing special to it. Powdered, liquid or cream products can be used. Although, the blending brush looks like a pointed pencil brush to me, and i don't use it for blending. they are super soft and small synthetic brushes.

At first, i thought, small brushes are good because i can always use them when travelling or when in important events, i can bring them without hassle. Honestly, i plan to sell this brushes because i didn't like the size. It's hard for me to hold the brushes still because of the small handles (except for the powder/blush brush). But eventually, after a week i changed my mind, i can always use this when travelling and for some other reasons, the quality is nice and worth the money.

Over all I would definitely recommend this to all make up users who really loves to travel and carry a set of brushes that is small. I don't recommend this to some beginners because they have really small handles, it would be hard for you to control the lines  becauuse of the handle.

Washing Instructions: 
-Run the Bristle of the makeup brush under warm running water.
-Apply a small amount of shampoo/baby wash to bristles and work into lather.
-Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water until water becomes clear
-Squeeze off excess water then lay brushes flat to dry (not standing up).
-Leave in a well-ventilated place to dry.

Charm Make up brushes:
Crossings The Ramp - Trinoma ( Quezon City )
Crossings The Ramp - Shangri-la Plaza ( EDSA )
PurBeauty Serendra, Bonifacio Global City ( 2nd floor, just above Conti's )

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